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After Discovery's safe landing on Runway 15 at NASA's Shuttle Landing Facility, safety assessment teams dressed in protective attire and with breathing apparatus obtain vapor level readings around the orbiter and test for possible explosive or toxic gases such as hydrogen, hydrazine, monomethyl-hydrazine, nitrogen tetroxide or ammonia .

Completing mission STS-121 to the International Space Station, Discovery traveled 5.3 million miles, landing on orbit 202. Mission elapsed time was 12 days, 18 hours, 37 minutes and 54 seconds. Main gear touchdown occurred on time at 9:14:43. Wheel stop was at 9:15:49 EDT.

The returning crew members are Commander Steven Lindsey, Pilot Mark Kelly and Mission Specialists Piers Sellers, Michael Fossum, Lisa Nowak and Stephanie Wilson. Mission Specialist Thomas Reiter, who launched with the crew on July 4, remained on the station to join the Expedition 13 crew there. The landing is the 62nd at Kennedy Space Center and the 32nd for Discovery. Discovery's landing was as exhilarating as its launch, the first to take place on America's Independence Day.

During the mission, the STS-121 crew tested new equipment and procedures to improve shuttle safety, and delivered supplies and made repairs to the International Space Station.

Date: July 17, 2006
Photo Credit: NASA/Ken Thornsley

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