Click to enlargeSkylab 3 Inspects Skylab Space Station Photo

Buy this Skylab 3 Inspects Skylab Space Station space photo. High quality Skylab picture, slide, or Duratrans backlit transparency. NASA photograph SL3-114-1683. Wide variety of sizes.

A close-up view of the Skylab space station cluster photographed against a black sky background from the Skylab 3 command module during the "fly around" inspection prior to docking. Note the one solar array system wing on the Orbital Workshop (OWS) which was successfully deployed during EVA on the first manned Skylab mission. The primary docking part at the forward end of the Multiple Docking Adapter (MDA) is visible below the Apollo Telescope Mount (ATM).

Date Taken or Released: July 28, 1973
Credit: JSC NASA Photo

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