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Buy this Skylab 2 Inspects Skylab Space Station space photo. High quality Skylab picture, slide, or Duratrans backlit transparency. NASA photograph SL02-004-265 . Wide variety of sizes.

This view of the Skylab Orbital Space Station was taken from the Skylab 2 Command/Service Module during it's initial fly around inspection. The cables and tubing seen on top of the Orbital Space Station are all that remain of a solar panel (one of two) that was completely ripped off during launch - the other, can be seen partially deployed on the other side. At the far end of the vehicle is the Apollo Telescope Mount with extended solar panels.

Date Taken or Released: June 22, 1973
Credit: NASA Photo
Project Apollo Archive, Kipp Teague
Caption - Apollo Lunar Surface Journal, Eric M. Jones

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